Our Services

Project Development

Buckeye Hills RC&D provides assistance to sponsors related to project development and implementation.

  • Conducting public meetings
  • Gathering input and developing priorities
  • Proposal development and grant preparation
  • Grant Management and Financial Accounting
  • Project Implementation
Grant Writing

Buckeye Hills RC&D cooperates and works with numerous funding agencies and groups to manage and administer project grants for very reasonable administrative costs.  We provide financial review certification to show that fund integrity was followed.
We also can provide workshops to teach how to complete grant applications.

Conference Development

Buckeye Hills RC&D can provide assistance in planning conferences to help raise awareness of issues within a certain area.

  • Land use planning
  • Flood plain management
  • Conservation easement
  • Rural Fire Protection
Organizational Support to OMP

Buckeye Hills RC&D is the fiscal agent for the Ohio Mineland Partnership. We also provide conference services, record and correspondence management to the OMP. Council staff handle promotional activities and initiatives. The focus of the OMP is to continue support for reclamation and wise use of abandoned minelands, and improved water quality in impacted streams and watersheds from mine drainage problems.

Business Development and Job Creation

Buckeye Hills RC&D provides and manages the Revolving Loan Fund Program.  This program is eligible for anyone who is interested in expanding their business or starting a new business in the nine counties served by Buckeye Hills RC&D.

Project Grants and Support

Buckeye Hills RC&D provides and manages the Natural Resources Conservation and Development Fund with Marietta Community Foundation.  This endowment fund offers small grants that are awarded to selected applicants from the nine counties they serve. 

Work Study Program
For the past several years, students from the Marietta College Department of Communications have completed internships at the RC&D office. T.J. Knowlton, an MC senior and captain of the college’s baseball team, completed an internship with us in the fall of 2009. Over the past years, more than a dozen MC students have worked with the Council. This partnership has become a “win win” situation for us, for the students, and for Marietta College.